World Ozone Day

World Ozone Day signifies the cause of saving our sky and becoming ozone-friendly. The international day for ozone layer preservation is globally observed every 16 September annually.
World Ozone Day
World Ozone Day!


Event: Quick Glance
Also Known As
Internation Day for Ozone Layer Preservation
Awareness of preserving the sky, the environment (especially the ozone layer)
Event Type
Worldwide (Internationally)
Awareness drives, Drawing competitions, National programs
Date and Time
16th of September
The Event in Various Years
16 September 2020, 16 September 2021

About World Ozone Day

What is an Ozone Layer?

The ozone layer is a try oxygen-rich region of the stratosphere of the earth at a height of about 25 kilometers from our planet.

What Does Ozone Layer Do?

It works as a covering around the earth and shields our surroundings by blocking the harmful ultraviolet radiation. It absorbs the harmful radiation of UV rays (ultraviolet rays) that come from the sun, preventing them from reaching the surface of the earth.

Thus it protects the lives on the earth as many researchers link the UV rays which the increment of many types of diseases and disorders such as skin cancer slower plant productivity cataract and in some forms of marine life deterioration.

Date of the World Ozone Day Observation

The day brings the awareness breeze on every 16th of September.

History of World Ozone Day

Discovery of The Ozone Hole: Who Discovered the Ozone Hole?

Is the era of 1970, the scientist had been drawing the attention towards the chemicals such as chlorofluorocarbons which are sound in all everyday item such as aerosol sprays and air conditioners. In 1978 the environmental protection agency prohibited the production of CFCs.

On 16 May 1985, the British Antarctic Survey's three scientists announced their discovery of an ozone hole in Nature, the Scientific Journal. Over the south pole, they detected low levels of ozone. Their discovery of this abnormality, known as the ozone hole, proved to be one of the greatest discoveries in the history of climate activism. It revealed that ozone is depleting in a spot annually above the Arctic.

This was the first time when the world got to know the new ability of mankind which was damaging the atmosphere of the earth. Who knew that the scientific and technological advancement, which we have been proud of, could also harm the civilization on the earth.

The international community took the nature article and other such important studies very seriously and acted quickly in response. About 46 nations marked their pledging signs for the Montreal Protocol to phase out the ozone depletion causing substances.

This came up as the most successful global agreement. It is predicted by scientists that by the end of the 21st century, the ozone layer will be back to its pre-1980 levels.

Current Status of Ozone Hole in Ozone Layer

It has been almost 30 years since the nations came together for an imperative collaboration for healing the ozone hole over Antarctica by banning the chemicals that created it. According to the latest measurements, it is finally healing too. The ozone hole is now smaller by about 4 million square kilometers than it was about 21 million in the year 2000.

However, we have a long journey to go before celebrating the full recovery. The good news, for now, is that it is on the mend now.

World Ozone Day Celebration

The event is marked by observing several awareness-boosting activities. The most popular entry remains the exhibition of the paintings made by children for winning the competition on preserving the ozone layer. This is followed by the award distribution function to boost up the motivation and passion of children towards protecting and preserving our environment.

The newspapers, news channels, and other media and mediums also mark their significant contributions in enhancing the knowledge of the general mass about their atmosphere, making them aware and motivating them to preserve it.

Many people put their views on social networking platforms to show their love and respect towards the environment and nature.

Many country programs also beings implemented to face out the ODS (Ozone Depleting Substances).

Why is World Ozone Day Celebrated?

World Ozone Day reminds the contribution of all those scientists and researchers who discovered the ozone hole and its adverse effects on mankind. It also highlights the efforts of nations and communities that played an active role in this crisis management.

Significance of the World Ozone Day

The increasing use of chemicals has been affecting nature and our atmosphere too. The reach of its impact is not contracted to our immediate surroundings only. It is wide, powerful, and most importantly — ‘harmful’.

Such observations of the international days not only raise the awareness regarding the cause but also connect humans with nature and the natural. The programs and causes directly or indirectly ignite the sense of realizing our duties and responsibilities towards our environment.

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