Pumpkin Seeds: 20 Unsought Health Benefits

Health benefits of Pumpkin seeds and juice: Nutrition Chart for Nutrients in Pumpkin Seeds
Nutritional value chart for Pumpkin seeds

Kids start to make long faces as they get to know that the menu involves one of the pumpkin recipes, and they start to miss their favorite dishes. To be honest, even elders do the same and avoid eating it, switching for other available options. But do you know how healthy the pumpkin recipes are and in how many ways the pumpkin can be cooked or served? This incredible vitamins and antioxidants-rich fruit can be served as drinks to deserts and in sweet to sour tastes. You can take it in the form of puree, soup or juice too. So keep trying the new recipes to get a perfect dish for you, but don’t say ‘no’ to pumpkins!


Pumpkins growing in Squash plant
Pumpkins growing in Squash plant in the ground

It is a plant variety of squash (especially winter squash), which is commercially used for both recreation and foodstuff.

Pumpkin Juice

Tasty pumpkin juice in glass
Tempting pumpkin juice glass

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds in container
Pumpkin seeds in a container

Selection of Right Seeds

Sometimes, pumpkin seeds that are available in bulk bins or packaged containers lose freshness, and fungal mycotoxins spoil them. They start to give a stale and musty smell. Make sure you select the fresh seeds that are not rancid, shriveled, or damaged by insects or moisture.

Prefer unshelled or organic pumpkin seeds as they are not infected by pesticides or chemicals.

Pumpkin from inside
Inside part of the pumpkin

Storage of Pumpkin Seeds

Fill them in an airtight box and store them in the refrigerator. Check them in regular intervals after one to two months as they start to lose their peak freshness after this period.

Sprouted Seeds

For regular intake, you can soak them to sprout or dehydrate in the oven as some seeds or nuts may have antioxidants like phytic acid.

Consumption of Seeds

Combinations ideas of Pumpkin seeds and other food recipes to make them tasty
Pumpkin seeds combined with other food dishes for a tasty recipe

Raw vs. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Raw and Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Raw and Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

There is no comparison of consuming raw pumpkin seeds for best effects because all the healthy fats remain prevented this way. If you go for roasted seeds, intersperse some salt and roast the seeds on 75 degrees Celsius (170 degrees Fahrenheit) for 15 to 20 minutes.

3.5 ounces of unshelled pumpkin seeds (10 milligrams of zinc)
3.5 ounces of roasted pumpkin seeds (7.5 milligrams of zinc

Various different types of pumpkin seeds
Various different types of pumpkin seeds

Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds and Pumpkin Juice

Beautiful pumpkin plant and squash flowers in ground
Beautiful pumpkin plant growing in-ground with squash flowers

Men or women, pumpkin has health benefits for both. It is important and beneficial not only for people with normal health conditions, but also for those who are suffering from Insomnia, Inflammation, Hair loss, and Heart Diseases.

1. Effective for Digestive System

Pumpkin juice performs some laxative actions and treats both loose motions and constipation. It gives relief in acidity.

2. Helpful for Insomnia Sufferers

Patients suffering from insomnia are suggested to take a glass of pumpkin juice with honey.

3. Reduces Body Temperature

If taken a glass of pumpkin juice with honey, it works as a cooling agent and lowers the temperature of the body.

4. Heals in Inflammation, Burns, and Abscess

The juice of the pumpkin keeps the skin beautiful and healthy. Being a rich source of vitamin A, C, E, beta-carotene, and zinc, it works wonders as a cooling and healing agent. It is also effective in insect biting cases as well.

5. Ingredient of Beauty Products for Skin

The nutritional values of pumpkin juice are used in hydrating and anti-wrinkle creams. Beauticians use it while facial with yogurt, lemon juice, vitamin E oil, and honey.

6. Useful in Hair-loss Treatment

Pumpkin juice is a great source of Vitamin A and potassium, which are essential contents for our scalps and hairs. It moisturizes dry hair, treats damaged hair, and promotes growth.

7. Lessen the Level of Cholesterol

Pumpkin juice incorporates pectin that is effective for reducing cholesterol.
The seeds of pumpkin are full of phytosterol that minimizes the cholesterol level.

8. Favorable for Kidney and Liver

Amount: For 10 days, half a glass of juice thrice in a day

Pumpkin juice owns some active biological substances that reactivate the functioning of the liver. It is very effective for people having kidney stones and beneficial for viral hepatitis sufferers as well. It helps in curing gall bladder problems.

Pumpkin seeds own abundant antioxidants, healthy fats, and fibers, which are beneficial for keeping the heart and liver healthy. They work wonders when taken with flax seeds.

9. Minimize the Possibility of Heart Diseases and Stroke

Its juice works as a cleanser for arterial deposits and its antioxidants properties prevent arteriosclerosis.

Pumpkin seeds have incredibly rich contents of magnesium. They show anti-inflammatory properties. Only one-quarter cup of pumpkin seeds can fulfill half of the demand for magnesium in one’s body.

Pumpkin seeds in a bowl
A glass bowl full of Pumpkin seeds

This amount is consumed in the formation of energy molecules, maintaining the pulse rate, bowel functioning, and relaxing the blood vessels. It lowers the possibility of sudden heart attack and cardiac arrest.

Most Americans (about 80%) are magnesium deficient and this deficiency can be cured by regular intake of pumpkin seeds.

10. Effective for Immune System

One of the important minerals for our body is zinc that is abundantly found in pumpkin seeds as one ounce of seeds incorporates more than 2 mg of zinc. It not only helps in cells’ division and development but also contributes to the proper functioning of our senses of vision, taste, and smell.

Zinc depletion is a common problem these days. The reason is the increasing use of drugs, mineral-deficient soil, plant, and grain-based diet. The consumption of pumpkin seeds can reduce the deficiency of zinc, keeping the associated diseases (acne, cold, chronic fatigue, and flu) at bay.

Zinc depletion can be a major cause of low birth weight, poor performance, and learning problems of children.

11. Helpful in Diabetes

The nutrients present in pumpkin seeds lower oxidative stress, improving insulin regulation.

12. Lowers the Risk of High Blood Pressure

Pumpkin seeds contain the basic amino acid (L-arginine) that generates nitric oxide. It opens up the blood vessels, relaxing and depleting blood pressure.

13. Beneficial for Prostate Health and Postmenopausal Symptoms

Both pumpkin seeds and oil contain ample zinc, so are effective for enlarged prostate.

They also are rich in natural phytoestrogens. This property lowers postmenopausal symptoms like headache, imbalanced blood pressure, joint pain, and hot flashes.

14. Relaxing Agent for Healthy Sleep

The seeds of pumpkin contain tryptophan that helps in formatting the sleep hormone.

If the seeds are taken with fruits or the source of carbohydrates, they show better results. Regular consumption also decreases depression.

15. Prevent from Cancer

As oxidative stress causes the development of cancer cells, various studies have suggested pumpkin’s antioxidant properties useful for the prevention of cancer.

16. Beneficial for Urinary System

Both pumpkin juice and pumpkin seeds are helpful in the proper functioning of the urinary system.

17. Useful in Keeping the Eyes Healthy

Pumpkin is loaded with Vitamin A, K, and C. This heart protector also maintains good vision, keeping the immune system strong.

18. Boost the Functioning of Muscles

Pumpkin is an excellent source of magnesium, iron, and potassium. There are various options for iron, but pumpkin is a wise decision as it is free of fat. Pumpkin’s magnesium content helps muscles in functioning better.

19. Relieve from Anxiety

Pumpkin owns an anti-stress neurochemical called glutamate that helps the formation of GABA.

20. Cure Ulcer

Both pumpkin juice and seeds are effective for curing ulcers.

Do not forget to check you are not allergic to pumpkins or not. In severe conditions, take the advice of your doctor before consuming pumpkin in any form.

Stay happy and healthy!

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