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National Sports Day

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The National Sports Day is celebrated on different dates in different countries to honor the the sports traditions and national sports teams.

National Sports Day quote illustration of girl and boys playing different games: Sportsmen and sportswoman playing their games. A boy running in center in blue tracksuit; a girl is playing bat-minton in pink-sea-green sportswear and a boy is playing basket ball in his left; another boy is cicking football and a man is running in a marathon in his right!
National Sports Day illustration of sportsmen and sportswoman playing different games!
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Many people think that the National Sports Day is celebrated to promote the national game of that country. In reality, almost all the countries that celebrate this event, they aim to promote the better health and fitness of their population.

The nations do promote their national games, but overall, they put emphasis on including sports in the day-to-day life. It is regardless what age-group one belongs to or what game one chooses to make a part of the life. It can be any sport like kabaddi, basketball, marathon, or hockey.

It also can be any activity that adds to your health such as dancing, exercising, or practicing yoga and meditation.

However the popular ways of celebrating the event remain as follows.

  1. Some revere those legends in sports for their unforgettable contributions who made their country proud on their achievements.
  2. Some observe this day to promote the benefits of sports in our lives.
  3. Others see this day as an opportunity to motivate people to participate in this field for better health and fitness.


Who says sports are for kids only; they are indeed a necessary ingredient in the recipe of a happy life regardless your age-group.

National Sports Day reminds of this essential element beautifully by raising awareness about the benefits of sports.

Let's know about every important aspect of this national event in brief!

Event: Quick Glance
Also Known As
Sports Day
Creating awareness and motivation about playing sports for fitness
Event Type
Observed By
Organizations, centers, institutions, offices, government entities, and people in various countries
Arranging sports events, campaigns
Legend of the Day
Major Dhyan Chand Singh (India)
Sports competitions, reverence to sports legends, national teams, and players with great achievements, cultural and traditional sports events
Differs nation to nation

When is National Sports Day Celebrated?

National Sports Day is an annualy celebrated event which is observed every year on different dates in various nations.

National Sports Day (India)
29 August
Physical Education and Sport day (Iran)
17 October
Health and Sports Day (体育の日, Tai-iku no Hi) (Japan)
Second Monday of October
National Sports Day (Hari Sukan Negara) (Malaysia)
Second Saturday of October
National Sports Day (Qatar)
Second Tuesday of February

Legend behind the National Sports Day

Where nations celebrate this day, majorly, to promote health and fitness, India also marks this day to honor the legendary sportsman Major Dhyan Chand Singh.

In India, the birth anniversary of Major Dhyan Chand Singh is celebrated as the National Sports Day, which falls on 29 August.

Celebrating the extraordinary achievements of a legendary figure motivates the youth and people through their biography. Their efforts, hard work, and approach towards the failures and adverse conditions inspires in various aspects of life.

About Major Dhyan Chand Singh

  • The hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand Singh had won gold medals for India in Olympics in years: 1928, 1932 and 1936.
  • He was not the champion of only his era in hockey; he is indeed untouched by any player till today. His name reached those pinnacles of glory in hockey, which noone other than him could ever reach.
  • As per his autobiography, he had scored 570 goals from 1926 to 1949, the active years of his career.
  • Other than the celebration of National Sports Day on his birthday (Birth date: 29 August 1905), his most noted memorials include his picture on the stamp and the Major Dhyan Chand Award. This awards is considered to be the highest award in India in sports or games for lifetime achievement.

Preparations and Celebrations

The preparations begin a week before by the organizations and the communities. The participants start their practices even before. From cultural and traditional programmes to motivating modern games, every effort is included to attract and raise awareness.

People participate as per their skills to inspire others. Choreographers, dance performers, singers, poets, and all other professionals try to arouse the interest of others in sports through their conceps, dancing, singing or write-ups.

From Prime-minister or President to top sports-persons and youth to elders, they all exchange greetings of the day through meetings or social platforms. They remember and appreciate the legendary personalities who marked their great contributions.


In India, people honor and pay tributes to the legend Major Dhyan Chand Singh for his unforgettable performances. Many campaigns and activicies are also being introduced to sensitize people.


In Iran, where October 17 is named as the Physical Education and Sport day, the entire week from October 17 to October 23 is known as Physical Education and Sport week.

The importance of sports and exercise is not only emphasized locally or during such events; it is also highlighted in the constitution in article III.

The prime motto behind this day and observed events is to present the need of exercise for the citizens and the society.


Malaysia observes the National Sports Day as a national holiday with the goal of apealing the nation for living the healthy lifestyle.


Japan observes the national holiday on its Health and Sports Day.


Alike other nations, Qatar also promotes this day for promoting the healthy lifestyle.


India celebrated its first National Sports Day on 29 August 2012.

In Malaysia, the first National Sports Day was celebrated in 2015.

Japan started to celebrate the Health and Sports Day since the second arrival of the Summer Olympics held on 10 October 1966. Since 2000, Japan has been observing the day on the second arrival of Monday in October month.

In Qatar, 2012 was the year that witnessed the National Sports Day the first time in history.


The technological advancement is reaching new heights every day. This coin has two sides.

  1. One side makes our lives quick and easier.
  2. The other side makes us lazy and dependent.

The technology has made us too busy and ignorant towards our health. Surprisingly, the same technology tells us that we have walked lesser than targetted steps in a day.

The drastic change in our lifestyle has mounted the need of the events like National Sports Day which inspire us draw some time for our own health and well-being.

Sports also add joy and entertainment to the life and are vital for even the mental health.

Such events not only brings light to the importane of sports, but also aware about the significance of exercize, yoga, and meditation.

They also suggest the ideas of a healthy lifestyle, such as:

  1. We can take the upstairs instead of a lift for reaching to the upper floor. Using the upstairs is more effective than walking the miles.
  2. We can give weight to home-made food instead of fast-food for weight-management.
  3. Instead of mobile games, we can choose to play outdoor-games.
  4. We can do yoga or practice the simple pranayam steps while watching the Tv.
  5. When we know that a phone-call of a close relative or friend is going to take half-an-hour or more, we can reach to terrace to walk while talking.
  6. During the times of failures and stress, we can choose a neighbour for being the playing-partner to perk-up the mood. A game can give many life-lessons.

Such ideas and benefits of sports are many and their impact is enormous. The significance of the National Sports Day lies in many positive results that can be obtained by a simple motivation of adding sports in the daily life.

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