World Blood Donor Day: 12 Stimulating Themes and Slogans Revisited

In May 2004, the 192 Member States gave their consent in the 57th World Health Assembly for addressing people for blood donation through a dedicated day, known as World Blood Donation Day or World Blood Donor Day.

Thus 2004 became the year of establishment of this noble cause and the day of saving lives through giving blood. It witnessed the first united effort of urging people to become blood donors by generating awareness of the blood need and promoting safe, voluntary (unpaid) and qualitative blood.

Since then, the human race has been observing World Blood Donor Day every 14 June to celebrate not just the donation of blood, but life.

World Blood Donor Day: Stimulating themes and slogans revisited with motivational blood drop cartoon illustration
World Blood Donor Day: Stimulating themes and slogans with motivational blood drop cartoon illustration!

Let’s revisit those powerful, impactful, change-bringing, and stimulating World Blood Donor Day theme ideas and slogans that motivated and did aware millions of people about safe and quality blood donation in previous years!

WBDD 2019

Slogan: "Safe Blood for All"

Host Country: Rwanda

The quality and safety of donated blood are two of the prime challenges in this cause. The theme for World Blood Donation Day 2019 focuses on the same issue of the global need for safe blood transfusion and also access to quality blood.

WBDD 2018

Slogan: "Be there for someone else. Give blood. Share life"

Host Country: Greece

The theme of World Blood Donor Day 2018 appeals for remaining available when there is a need. It emphasizes that donating blood is not merely about giving blood, but it is indeed about life.

Understatedly, the slogan also indicates the need for blood in sudden accidental cases. Many people leave the place thinking ‘who cares’ or ‘it is not my problem’. This World Blood Donation Day theme raises the voice to be a human first and being there when someone needs your blood, despite hiding the face out of silly false fears.

WBDD 2017

Slogan: "Give Blood. Give Now. Give Often."

Host Country: Hanoi

Who wouldn’t like to have the blessings every now and then, and taking the reward of good deeds again and again?! Donating blood, indeed sharing life is one of the best gifts that can be given. Then why not give it often?!

World Blood Donation Day slogan for the year 2017 encourages to give blood regardless of you have given it before once or twice in your life. And why not?! Life is precious; it is privileging to be worthy of giving life to someone.

WBDD 2016

Slogan: "Blood connects us all"

Host Country: Netherlands

Who says that only blood relations connect, blood donations also connect! What religion, what color, what race, what caste, what status, what finances! The eligibility of a blood donor doesn’t ask for that all. It just asks for the blood group, and you are good to go for saving a life.

Truly, blood connects us all. World Blood Donation Day brings all the humans together for taking a stand and sharing life through participating in blood donation events and activities.

WBDD 2015

Slogan: "Thank you for saving my life."

Host Country: China

World Blood Donation Day 2015 tagline honors the blood donor by raising the ‘thanking voice’. Imagine the intensity of the tagline when it is said by the real human who got saved by someone’s donation of blood!

The 2015 year’s slogan for blood donation motivates the blood donors by presenting them a proud heart with such overwhelming words of thanks.

WBDD 2014

Slogan: "Safe blood for saving mothers."

Host Country: Shri Lanka

Usually, a mother gives birth to a child, but do you know that you also can give birth to a mother. Surprised?! Yes, you can, by donating your blood for a needy mother. The act of blood donation is not lesser than giving birth to someone.

The theme for Blood Donor Day 2014 uniquely inspires prospective blood donors by reminding them of a mother who might need a blood transfusion. Simultaneously, the slogan draws attention to safe blood as well.

WBDD 2013

Slogan: "Give the gift of life: Donate blood"

Host Country: France

We think of gifting perfumes, handbags, ties, or any home decorative; it doesn’t come to our mind at the moment that we can gift someone ‘life’ too.

Blessed are those who get such an opportunity. As the slogan of World Blood Donor Day suggests, WHO had motivated for gifting life by donating blood in the year 2013.

WBDD 2012

Slogan: "Every blood donor is a hero."

Host Country: Republic of Korea

‘Donor’ itself is a word that reflects one’s image as a hero; and when it is about a ‘blood donor’, the word ‘hero’ gets replaced by the word- ‘superhero’.

You say a donor hero or superhero, the person who gets new life through someone’s blood; the blood donor is not less than an angel for him. World Blood Donation Day 2012’s promotional quotation rejoices the heroic courage of a blood donor and celebrates the life-saving effort by setting a gallant image of the blood donating person.

WBDD 2011

Slogan: "More blood. More life."

Host Country: Latin America (Government of Argentina)

There are many countries that had or have been facing the gap between the demand and supply of blood. People need it, but sometimes the donors are not aware that their blood is needed somewhere to save someone’s life. Or in other words, people are far away from the fact that if no one will come ahead, a needy person’s life might end in a shortage of blood.

The slogan shakes somewhere giving you a thought that if there will be a shortage of blood, we will be able to save fewer lives. It leaves you compelled to realize the need for more blood for saving more lives.

WBDD 2010

Slogan: "New blood for the world."

Host Country: Barcelona, Spain

It is an idea of the World Blood Donation Day campaign which aims at the youth who can bring revolutionary results in blood collection. Raising the bloodstock has always been a challenge and plays a crucial role in saving a life. The more involvement, the more the gap can be filled.

Though there is a limit for age which means only people between the age group of 18 to 65 can donate blood. Focusing on the young generation is a safer choice for collecting quality blood. Secondly, it is inspiring to see how voluntarily, actively, and enthusiastic young people participate. The young generation is the future not only in the area of development, but also in bringing a change in thoughts, perceptions, and stereotypes.

Targeting young boys or girls is one of the most radical steps as their steps are always breeze-changer and impactful. If they decide or adopt a good change, they can bring a new era. Youth is a medium that is very powerful for generating awareness about a cause, campaign, or drive.

WBDD 2009

Slogan: "Achieving 100 percent non-remunerated donation of blood and blood components"

Host Country: Gambia

Blood donation is completely an act of humanity and a gesture of love for human society. There is no value of one's life, and so of someone’s blood. However, some people and doctors make a business idea out of it and sell blood for money.

Setting a target of achieving the complete stock of blood as the non-remunerated donation was a sensitive move towards keeping this cause dignified and noble.

WBDD 2008

Slogan: "Giving blood regularly!"

Host Country: United Arab Emirates (UAE)

It is proven through science and research that blood donation doesn’t cause any harm to the blood donor. Knowing this fact, World Blood Donor Day’s one-liner appeals aiming those superheroes who have donated their blood in the past. It is a revisit invitation that inspires to extend the helping hand often.

2009’s theme of blood donation campaign motivates the blood donors to come ahead the second time, or even regularly for helping others who are facing a shortage of blood.

WBDD 2007

Slogan: "Safe blood for safe motherhood!"

Host Country: Canada

Safe blood criteria are reminded repetitively while almost every effort of blood collection as it is a vital issue to concern about. When it comes to a mother, it becomes a more sensitive issue because a mother’s life is associated with other life or lives too.

World Blood Donor Day's slogan reminds us that we are always aware of the issue of quality blood as well. It is indeed one of our prime issues to focus on. The members who decided the theme showed that it was just the third year after the establishment of World Blood Donation Day, yet they are nowhere behind in addressing the critical aspects such as quality and safety.

WBDD 2006

Slogan: "Commitment!"

Host Country: Bangkok, Thailand

WBDD 2005

Slogan: "Celebrating your gift of blood."

Host Country: London, United Kingdom

As it was just the second year after the establishment, the World Blood Donor Day message and idea are plain and straight. It is simply celebrated as a day that is an opportunity for humans to come together and realize the importance of blood donation. It is not for any specific person, but for all as you never know that when you might fell in need of it for yourself or your relatives.

WBDD 2004

Slogan: "World Blood Donor Day (Establishment Year)"

Host Country: South Africa

Honored with Nobel Prize, Scientist Karl Landsteiner is the man behind the discovery of a blood group system. This man brought blessings to many people who ever fell short in blood and needed blood donation. The date of June 14 was decided to celebrate World Blood Donor Day because it was the birthday of Karl who made this possible by inventing the ABO blood group system.

Since 2004, the world has been coming together to join hands for fulfilling the need for blood and also thank Karl for celebrating his birthday.

The international launch ceremony of World Blood Donor was witnessed by Johannesburg and hosted by the South African National Blood Service. The event was appreciated with celebrations in around 80 countries of the world.

An Appeal to the Prospective Super Heroes

Super Heroes are not born but made. We all dream in our childhood while seeing any fantasy cartoon film to become or encounter any Super Hero. It fades with the growing age, but you can relive your dream or can fulfill someone’s dreams by becoming a Super Hero in real life. Yes, now is the time to play your heroic part in someone’s life and welcome those million dollars’ blessings in your life.

This is to call ‘you’ on behalf of those voices who couldn’t reach you to ask for help.

Save a dream! Save a life!
Save indeed many! Save indeed often!
World Blood Donor Day quotation tagline idea quotation one-liner tagline message World Blood Donation Day idea message one-liner slogan quotation one-liner tagline message theme slogan idea quotation one-liner

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