Why We Celebrate the Valentine’s Day?

Story behind why we celebrate Valentine’s Day
The story behind Valentine’s Day celebration!

It seems love is floating on air as it smells love; it visualizes love; it tastes love; it sounds love; it senses love. The 14th day of every February brings a breeze of love and comes with one of the most awaited days- Valentine's Day.

In the name of St. Valentine, the day is celebrated by exchanging flowers, chocolates, and gifts. When it comes to probing the rationale of this day, from Roman to Victorian England, there are several stories on this day that we have been celebrating for centuries.

Let’s know about the patron saint behind the day! Catholic Church talks about three martyred saints with the name of Valentine.

Legends behind the Valentine’s Day

Why we celebrate Valentine’s Day
The story behind Valentine’s Day celebration

One is told to give his services in Rome when the land of witnessing the third century. Valentine came into the lives of lovebirds as the ray of hope when one Emperor Claudius II passed the rule for soldiers of remaining single so that they prove to be better soldiers. When Claudius got to know that Valentine is going against the law and helping young lovers performing marriages in secret, he ordered his officials to put him to death. Since then the name of one soul became immortal and is celebrated to continue the romantic love.

Story behind why we celebrate Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day story

One more story tells about the days when Christians were put to the Roman prisons. They were trampled. To get them out of that suffering, Valentine had been making attempts and when caught, he was killed.

Story of Valentine’s Day in history
Historic story of Valentine’s Day

Another story that history speaks is about the legend named Valentine, who sent the first Valentine greeting card to his love- the daughter of the jailer. She had a trip to him when he was kept there by force. He wrote her the greeting letter with the sign “From your Valentine”. This sign became famous and is continued till now.

Valentine has been known as a romantic figure that had roots in France and England.

7 Colors of Showing Love in Valentine Week

List of Seven Days of Valentine Week 2015
Valentine's Week calendar

Every February, not only the day but the entire week is celebrated with love and joy.

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