Mahashivratri Vrat Katha: Story of Ganesha's Birth

Once Shiv Ji decided to go out to visit Saar. Parvati Ji made a fuss about going along with him. Shiv Ji started to try to make her mind about not going with him.

Shiv Ji: "Parvati, this world is full of sorrows and pain, you won't be able to see that. So, don't come along."

Parvati didn't agree and so Shiv Ji brought her along. Both husband-wife, Shiv-Parvati took their ride on Nandi to begin the visit.

Parvati Ji saw a mare (female horse). She was standing, then sitting, then standing again. She was repeating the same in anxiety. Sometimes she was tapping her legs in restlessness. Parvati Ji got worried and asked Shivaji about her state.

Parvati showed concern, "What has happened to this mare? What pain is making her restless?"

Shiv Ji replies, "She is going to give birth to her baby."

Parvati Ji said, "Oh! Shiv Ji, does it give so much pain in giving birth to a baby?! Then I must not give birth to a child."

Shiv Ji said, "Let's go-ahead for now!"

They moved ahead and Parvati Ji saw a caw in her way. She was also in trouble.

Parvati again asked Shiv Ji, "What is this cow's trouble?

Shiv Ji replied, "She is also going to give birth to a baby."

Parvati said, "Giving birth to a baby seems very painful. I can't bear so much pain; I don't want a child. Shiv Ji, please tie a knot to my sari so that I do not give birth to a child."

Shiv Ji replied, "If I will tie a knot, it will not reopen. Then you will be helpless and even if you will want to open it later, you won't be able to. So let's go-ahead for now."

Shiv Ji and Parvati Ji moved ahead and reached a town where no one was happy. There was no celebration, no excitement. People were very sad with their long faces. Even the king of that town was in tension and worried. The queen was in pain in the palace. Female servers were running here and there. The entire environment was flowing a breeze of sadness and nervousness.

Parvati Ji asked, "Shiv Ji, why everyone including the king and queen is so tensed in this town? What is the matter? Why the queen is so worrisome?"

Shiv Ji replied, "Don't ask so many questions! Don't put on so many queries! Come on, let's go ahead!"

Parvati again made a fuss and said, "Tell me the truth first. Only then I will lead ahead."

Shiv Ji said, "The queen is supposed to give birth to a baby. This is a crucial time for her as a lady's life remains in danger at this state of time. This is why everyone is so worried and moving here and there."

Parvati Ji again got frightened of bearing this pain and so requested Shiv Ji, "Shiv Ji, this is a real risky state. The whole is so painful. I don't want a kid. Don't wait and just tie a knot now!."

Shiv Ji warned, "Parvati, you will mourn and regret later. Don't make a fuss. If I tie a knot, it will not reopen then."

Parvati was not in the mood of listening to him and again made a fuss about doing it.

She said, "I will not come along ahead if you don't do it."

Be him the God or an ordinary, who could ever stand against a wife's demand?!

Shiv Ji said, "This is the biggest problem of this universe. This habit of wives of making a fuss is the worst deal. This is why the kids, kingdoms, and wife's fuss are famous in this world.

Shiv Ji couldn't win in front of his wife and tied a knot eventually. They lead ahead and after visiting all the places, they came back from the same way.

The same town came again in their way where the queen was in trouble before. But now, the scenario was absolutely the opposite. The town was lighted and only the sound of bands and drums was audible now. The palace echoed with the songs. The king was distributing pearls in his happiness. People were offering prasad in temples and looking mad in bliss.

Parvati asked Shiv Ji with surprise, "What happened now in this town that everyone is rejoicing and looking so happy?"

Shiv Ji said, "The queen has given birth to a boy, and so people are celebrating."

Parvati Ji said with excitement, "Does giving birth to a baby bring so much joy? I also want to feel this happiness. Shiv Ji, please open this knot!"

Shiv Ji replied, "Now it is not possible Parvati. Let's get ahead of our way!"

Further, Parvati saw that mare and then that cow. The mare was licking its baby and the cow was feeding. They both were looking as happy as the king, queen, and those people of that town.

Parvati Ji, "Is it is such a pleasant experience to be with your kid?! Shiv Ji, I also want to experience this. I also want a baby. Please open this knot to my sari, I request."

Shiv Ji replied, "Dear, I had warned that you will regret later and this knot will not open. However, let's get back to our place; we will do something and find a way."

After reaching home, Parvati Ji applied Peeti on her body and rubbed it off before going to take a bath. Shiv Ji made an effigy out of that rubbed off 'Peeti' and gave life to it.

Shiv Ji said to Parvati that as of now, he is your son and we will call him Ganesh.

One day, Parvati Ji said to Ganesha, "I am going to take bath, don't let anybody come inside until don't come back. "

Coincidently, Shiv Ji came that time. But Ganesh stopped him to go inside. The things shaped badly and their leaded argument worsen the situation. Shiv Ji got annoyed and cut Ganesh's head. When Parvati Ji came back, she cried a lot after seeing his son died. Later, Shiv Ji and Nandi-Gan tried a lot to find the head of Ganesh, but all in vain. Finally, Shiv Ji said to Gan to go around and a lady who was sleeping showing her back to her kid. They said who so ever first in this state you get across, get the head of him.

They find a baby elephant, so as per their deity's order, got its head. Shiv Ji fixed this head to Ganesh's body. But this giant head on a human body was looking very strange. Seeing Ganesh in this state, Parvati Ji again started crying.

Then Shiv Ji announced, "Whosoever will offer worship or perform Yagna, without taking the name of GaneshJi first, the holly deed will not be assumed accomplished." Parvati Ji got happy again.

This story of Ganesha is especially told on the day of Maha Shivratri. And it is said by the old ladies that after telling this story one must say one story of Ganesh Ji as well.

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