Dhanu Sankranti

Every Hindu fast, festival or even the event of Sankranti folds a story, a belief, mythological folklore, and a specific custom or tradition to observe it. The faith-holders also associate them with a particular Deva or God or the Goddess with the hope of seeking blessings in some area of their lives. Such a diversified array makes them distinguished. Dhanu Sankranti is no exception in this series.

It is not just another Sankranti or a Sun-transition event that falls every month with a new name and marks the beginning of a new Hindi month. It is special for the followers of Lord Jagannath and Lord Krishna.

Dhanu Sankranti
Dhanu Sankranti


All About Dhanu Sankranti


Some people see Sankranti as a month-changing event, and some as a season-changing Sun movement; some signify it as an astrological happening, and some value it as a religious opportunity for righteous activities.

This Sneh Post brings the basic information of all the related aspects into the light, covering some known and unknown facts associated with it.

Dhanu Sankranti: Quick Glance
Also Known As
Dhanu Sankraman, Dhanu Sankramanam, Sankramanam
Also Spelled As
Dhanu Sankranthi
Sun Shifting, Sun Transition
Event Type
Indian, Religious, Cultural
Observed By
Hindu, Brahmin
Sacred bath in Holy river, Worships to Lord Surya, Lord Krishna, and Lord Jagannath, temple visits (Especially Puri temple of Lord Jagannath),
Jagannath Yatra, Bow Ceremony, Enactments, Dance performances, Cultural events
Date and Time
16 December 2019 (Varies as per Hindu Solar calendar)
Dhanu Sankranti in Various Years
15 December 2020
Occurrence/ Frequency
Other Correlated Events

Meaning of Dhanu Sankranti

The word Dhanu Sankranti can be seen as the addition of two words- ‘Dhanu’ and ‘Sankranti’. Dhanu Rashi or Saggitarius Zodiac Sign is one of the twelve astrological signs, which is represented by an Archer or Centaur. Sankranti signifies the Sun movement from one to another astrological Rashi (zodiac).

This Sankranti day marks the transmigration of Sun from Vrishchika to Dhanu Rashi, that is, from Scorpio to Sagittarius zodiac.

Names of Dhanu Sankranti

Day and Date of Dhanu Sankranti

According to the Hindu Lunar calendar, it comes in ‘Pausha’, the tenth month of the ‘Panchang’ Hindi calendar.

Dhanu Sankranti Day
Date of Dhanu Sankranti Observance
15 December 2016
16 December 2017
16 December 2018
16 December 2019
15 December 2020
16 December 2021
16 December 2022
16 December 2023
15 December 2024
16 December 2025
16 December 2026

Auspicious Muhurat Time of Dhanu Sankranti

Dhanu Sankranti is one of the Shadshitimukhi Sankranti(S); others are Mithuna Sankranti, Kanya Sankranti, and Meena Sankranti. Dhanu Sankranti related auspicious muhurat for Daan-Punya falls 16 sixteen Ghati(s) after the Dhanu Sankraman moment.

It tells that the Muhurat for Daan-Punya-related righteous activities is the time window of Sankranti to 16 Ghati after Sankranti.

Dhanu Sankranti Day and Date: Monday, 16 December 2019
Dhanu Sankranti Moment: 03:43 PM, Monday, 16 December 2019
(Time of Sankraman)
Dhanu Sankranti Maha Punya Kaal: 03:43 PM to 05:29 PM
(Duration of Muhurat: 01 Hour 46 Mins)
Dhanu Sankranti Punya Kaal: 03:43 PM to 05:40 PM
(Duration of Muhurat: 01 Hour 57 Mins)

God of the Festival

On Dhanu Sankranti, Lord Jagannath is offered special Puja-Archana in various parts of India, especially in the regions of Orissa and the nearby areas.

When it comes to Sankranti, people dedicate their worships to a specific deity as per the specific Sankraman day. However, as the Sankranti event belongs to Sun transition, Hindus do worship Lord Surya (Sun God) for seeking his good blessings.


People wake up early in the morning and take a holy water bath. They offer water and flowers to Sun God during the sunrise.

The devotees also perform Daan-Punya in the name of their God to seek the blessed life.


The worshippers chant Sankramanam Japa and perform ancestral puja and Pitru Tarpan.

The devotees also offer to God the freshly prepared conical-shaped sweet rice flakes as Prasad which is distributed among all after the completion of the entire puja-ceremony.

The splendid puja performance at Jagannath Puri temple remains the center of attraction for all the local people, devotees all over India, and foreigners.

The decoration of the temple, the huge faith of the devotees, great puja, Prasad distribution, and the sung worship songs prove worth witnessing to another level.

Significance of Dhanu Sankranti

Dhanu Sankranti marks the arrival of the ninth month of the Hindu Solar calendar which falls in January.

The believers and followers of Lord Surya worship the Sun God after taking a dip in the holy water of the holy rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, and the Godavari, etc.

Some people worship the lord Jagannath as well.

In Orissa, people hold great excitement for the day of Dhanu Sankranti.


The devotees gather at the temples and religious places to perform their prayers and puja rituals from near and far places.

They believe that their visit will be counted and the offered worships will be heard, bringing many blessings in their lives.

People, especially women, also keep fast this day for good fortunes and happiness.


The 15-day-long festive celebration of Dhanu Sankranti occurs in mid-December. The entire Orissa state observes it with great joy and special prayers to Lord Jagannath.

The Bargarh town turns into Mathura; Ambapalli becomes Gokul, and the Jura river is depicted as the Holy river Yamuna. About 5 Km of area converts into a performance stage.

What children, what elders! People with all age groups join each other to celebrate in a large number.

Some enact the role of Krishna, depicting the miraculous life events of his life; some give musical dance performances.

Dhanu Yatra

The special journey starts on Shashti Shukla Pausha, which is the sixth date on the bright side of Pausha Hindi month as per the Panchang Hindu calendar.

The Dhanu Yatra continues up to Pausha Purnima that is the full moon day of Pausha Hindi month in Panchang.

Bow Ceremony

It is enacted as per the description in Bhagwat Purana through a play on the streets.

People visit the Puri temple which is dedicated to Lord Jagannath and witness the great puja and the associated events.

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