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Kitchen Tips and Tricks: 50 Unrevealed Hacks

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Do you also want to become a smart kitchen expert? Then click to reach the priceless treasure of all Grannies. Yes, the secret kitchen hacks- ‘Nani Dadi ke Nuskhe’ are right here for you!
Smart Kitchen Tips and Tricks
50 super useful kitchen tips and tricks to make you and your kitchen smarter!

What makes a kitchen your friend is not the luxurious cabinets and appliances, it is all about the way you deal with kitchen chores. Have you ever thought about why our grannies seem more comfortable with the kitchen and cooking than us? It’s simply because they have a treasure of clever and handy kitchen tips and tricks which are famous as "Dadi Nani Ke Nuskhe".

To make this deal a fun, we have brought 50 useful kitchen tips and tricks for you. Have a glance to the following worth-a-read smart tips and tricks!

useful kitchen tips and tricks
A glance to the heroes of a kitchen!

  1. Storage of Spices
  2. Smart kitchen tips and tricks for storage of spices
    Spices stored in a wooden box!

    Spices need extra care as they lose their color, aroma, and essence if not kept properly. To prevent their peak quality it is essential to store them properly.

    Store the spices in bag or jar with Ziploc or fitted lid, making it free of air through pressing it out. Put the sealed bad in Tupperware or rubber-maid container. Any cool and dark place that can keep them away of heat effects is safe to store your spices.

    To preserve the freshness and taste, keep chili, cayenne and paprika in freeze.

    Do not store seeds for more than 4 years and seasoning blends for more than 2 years.

    Do not store leafy herbs and ground for more than 2 to 3 years.

    Never use a wet spoon to refill your daily spice-box.

  3. Storage of Rice
  4. Storage of Rice
    Storage of Rice

    Are you pissed off because of bugs in stored rice?

    To prevent the stored rice from insects, dry mint-leaves and make its powder. Use 5 gm of powder for 1 kg of rice.

    You can also put a paper sachet of boric powder.

  5. Butter
  6. Butter

    Don’t cook butter in high flames as it has low burning point.

    For cutting ultra-thin pieces of a small slice of peanut butter, use orange juice. It will also perk up the flavor of it.

  7. Keep the Cheese Fresh
  8. Keep the Cheese Fresh
    Keep the Cheese Fresh

    Prevent cheese from getting hard by greasing it with margarine or butter. Keep it in cool place.

  9. Keep the Paneer Fresh
  10. Keep the Paneer Fresh
    Keep the Paneer Fresh

    Before storing paneer in the refrigerator, wrap it in blotting paper.

  11. Soft and Spongy Paneer
  12. Soft and Spongy Paneer
    Soft and Spongy Paneer

    To cook paneer soft, instead of frying, soak it in boiling water. The spongy paneer will come out.

  13. Improve the Flavor of Olives
  14. Improve the Flavor of Olives

    If you want to use ripe olives, soak them in olive oil overnight. It will enhance the flavor.

  15. Fresh Lemon
  16. Fresh Lemon
    Fresh Lemon

    Keep lemons fresh by dipping them in cold water before keeping them in refrigerator.

  17. Get Rid of Hard Lemon
  18. Get Rid of Hard Lemon
    Get Rid of Hard Lemon

    Dip hard lemons into warm water; it will facilitate an easier squeeze of lemons.

  19. Coconut
  20. Coconut

    Have you shredded the coconut and it has got dried? No need to worry as you still can perk up its flavor by toasting it.

    You can also heat it on moderate in the oven, shaking it infrequently until it turns to brown.

  21. Sticking Milk
  22. Sticking Milk
    Sticking Milk

    If every so often you find milk sticking to the vessel while boiling it, use the pan after washing it in hot water.

    Keep a spoon in the container while boiling the milk.

    You can also use a moistened base to boil the milk.

  23. Say ‘No’ to Spoil the Milk
  24. Say ‘No’ to Spoil the Milk
    Say ‘No’ to Spoil the Milk

    Use half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate to prevent milk from spoiling. This trick works even if you don’t put the milk vessel in refrigerator.

  25. Remove Extra Salty Taste from Potatoes
  26. Remove Extra Salty Taste from Potatoes
    Remove Extra Salty Taste from Potatoes

    You can eliminate it by dropping a raw potato in salty soup or gravy. Let it be in liquid for a few minutes before eliminating the container from heat.

  27. Easy Cooking of Macaroni
  28. Easy Cooking of Macaroni
    Easy Cooking of Macaroni

    Get rid of frequent over-boil while cooking macaroni by just pouring a tablespoon of oil to the boiling water.

  29. Fresh Colored Vegetable
  30. There is a saying that a person eats from his eyes first. So true! The vegetables’ color also adds to the taste.

    For Cauliflower
    Fresh Colored Vegetable: Cauliflower
    Fresh Colored Vegetable: Cauliflower

    Use the solution of water and milk (1:1 ratio) for preventing its white color and fresh smell.

    For Brinjal
    Fresh Colored Vegetable: Brinjals
    Fresh Colored Vegetable: Brinjals

    For preventing the color of brinjals that are chopped, put them in salty water.

  31. Fruits and Easy Peeling
  32. Oranges and Grapefruits
    Easy peeling of fruits like Oranges
    Easy peeling of fruits like Oranges

    Drop them in boiling water for about 10 minutes. Carrots

    Easy peeling of fruits like Carrots
    Easy peeling of fruits like Carrots

    Drop carrots in boiling water for 2-3 minutes before cutting for salad or cooking.

  33. Tomatoes and Easy Peeling
  34. Easy peeling of tomatoes

    Place the tomatoes in warm water for 10 minutes.

  35. Garlic Cloves and Easy Peeling
  36. Garlic Cloves and Easy Peeling
    Garlic Cloves and Easy Peeling

    Use a pan to make the cloves slightly warm. It would help in getting rid of the skins of cloves.

  37. Almonds and Easy Peeling
  38. Easy Peeling of Almonds
    Easy Peeling of Almonds

    Dip almonds in hot water for 20-25 minutes before starting to peel them.

  39. Dry Fruits and Easy Chopping
  40. Easy Chopping of Dry Fruits
    Easy Chopping of Dry Fruits

    Chopping the dry fruits is one of the tedious jobs. Make this job fun by keeping the dry fruits in freeze and using a knife that is dipped in hot water for a few seconds. You will find how easier is to chop the dry fruits.

  41. Sweet Cabbage
  42. Sweet Cabbage
    Sweet Cabbage

    To get a sweeter taste of cabbage, cook it in an open container.

  43. Sugar and Ants
  44. Save sugar from ants
    Save sugar from ants

    We all know that sugar and ants have an old relation or some magnetic effect. You can keep your sugar box safe from ants by putting 5-6 cloves on the top of the container.

  45. Cockroach-free Kitchen
  46. No cockroach in Kitchen
    No cockroach in Kitchen

    Cockroach in kitchen, ouch! Keep the cockroaches at bay by using boring powder at the corners of your kitchen.

  47. Say ‘No’ to Lizards in Kitchen
  48. Say ‘No’ to Lizards in Kitchen
    Say ‘No’ to Lizards in Kitchen

    Hanging peacock-feather on the wall works wonder in keeping the lizards at bay.

  49. Bid Farewell to Mosquitoes
  50. Camphor tablets for mosquitoes
    Camphor tablets for mosquitoes

    Take a cup of water and put some camphor tablets in it. This will prevent mosquitoes from coming inside the kitchen.

  51. Biscuits
  52. Fresh crispy biscuits
    Fresh crispy biscuits

    Keep the biscuits fresh by using a blotting paper at the base of the biscuit-box.

  53. Fresh Chilies
  54. Fresh Chilies
    Fresh Chilies

    Store the chilies after eliminating the stems. It will keep them fresh for a longer time.

  55. Fresh Peas
  56. Fresh Peas
    Fresh Peas

    Keep them in a polybag before storing in the refrigerator.

  57. Fresh Celery
  58. Fresh Celery
    Fresh Celery

    Keep celery fresh by wrapping in aluminum foil before keeping in refrigerator.

  59. Yummy Idli and Dosa
  60. Yummy Idli and Dosa
    Yummy Idli and Dosa

    Prevent the batter of idli and dosa from getting sour by placing a betel leaf over the solution.

  61. Crispier Dosas
  62. Crispy Dosa
    Crispy Dosa

    When you soak the mixture of rice and lentil, add about half a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds.

  63. Ripen Fruits
  64. Fresh fruits
    Fresh fruits

    To convert them from ripen to ripe fruits, use a newspaper to wrap them and keep in a warm place. In two or three days, emit of ethyl gas will make them ripe.

  65. Right Selection of Chopping Board
  66. Right Selection of Chopping Board
    Right Selection of Chopping Board

    Always use a wooden board instead of plastic ones. It will not only prevent your knife from getting blunt but also avoid plastic pieces going with vegetable.

  67. Fresh Mint & Coriander Leaves
  68. Fresh Mint and Coriander Leaves
    Fresh Mint and Coriander Leaves

    If you use dried mint and coriander leaves, keep them fresh by putting in a muslin cloth.

  69. Fresh Onion
  70. Fresh Onion
    Fresh Onion

    Store the onions in a cool and dark place, wrapping independently in the newspaper.

  71. Say Bye to Sticking Dough
  72. Say Bye to Sticking Dough
    Say Bye to Sticking Dough

    Place dough in the freezer and get rid of the sticking dough in just a few minutes.

  73. Separated Noodles
  74. Separated Noodles
    Separated Noodles

    After boiling the noodles in water, drain all the hot water from the container and pour some cold water in noodles.

  75. Fungus-free Pickles
  76. No fungus in Pickles
    No fungus in Pickles

    Before filling the jar with pickle, turn in upside down on burning grain of asafetida over hot coals. Keep the jar on it for some time.

  77. Storage of Potatoes
  78. Storage of fresh Potatoes
    Storage of fresh Potatoes

    Say no to store potatoes with onions. It causes them rotting soon.

  79. Ice in Freezer
  80. Ice in Freezer
    Ice in Freezer

    Prevent your freezer from the formation of unwanted ice by rubbing salt inside the freezer.

  81. Rice
  82. Tasty Rice
    Tasty Rice

    Whiter Rice: Next time when you cook rice, add a few drops of lemon juice in water, then boil the rice.

    Separate Rice: Before you boil the rice in water, pour a teaspoon of canola oil.

    Use of Boiling Water: After boiling the rice, use extra water in lentils or soup, instead of draining the water.

  83. Fresh Tomatoes
  84. Fresh Tomatoes
    Fresh Tomatoes

    For getting rid of too ripped tomatoes, put them in cold water and pour salt. This technique will make them fresh.

  85. Saffron and Flavor
  86. Good flavor of Saffron
    Good flavor of Saffron

    To perk up the flavor of saffron, warm, crush, and add one teaspoon of milk. Stir it.

  87. Icing on Cake
  88. Icing on Cake
    Icing on Cake

    Dip the knife in warm water and finish the top surface. It will smoothen the icing.

  89. Glasses and Crockery
  90. Sparkling glasses and crockery
    Sparkling glasses and crockery

    To get sparkling glasses and crockery, use a handful of salt in washing water and then rinse.

  91. Color of Grated Potatoes
  92. Fresh color of grated Potatoes
    Fresh color of grated Potatoes

    Prevent the color of grated potatoes by putting them in cold water. Drain the water while using them.

  93. Lemon Tea
  94. Refreshing Lemon Tea
    Refreshing Lemon Tea

    While using the slices of lemon in tea, don’t forget to remove the seeds of lemon; otherwise, the taste of tea will get bitter.

  95. Cardamom Flavor in Tea
  96. Cardamom Flavor in Tea
    Cardamom Flavor in Tea

    Don’t throw the cardamom peels after taking the seeds and use them in tea. It will give a subtle taste to tea.

  97. Kneaded Dough
  98. Kneaded Dough
    Kneaded Dough

    For preventing dough from the dry crust, cover the kneaded dough with a wet cotton cloth.

  99. Baking Substitutes
Baking Substitutes
Baking Substitutes

Perk up the flavor by using apple sauce instead of sugar and banana or mashed avocado instead of butter. They are the great substitutes.

To organize the kitchen activities and all its stuff is not a piece of cake, but you can make it fun if you know the easy tricks. Now you have blown the gaff. Bring them into practice and see how interesting it is to deal with the cobwebs of kitchen!

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