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Living in this era, the moment we hear the word ‘bat’, our mind starts to connect it with the corona virus and the pandemic. In such a case, some (who do not know that its ‘us’ who have misused this creature) might question the significance of observing the International Bat Appreciation Day on April 17, but on the contrary, the day has indeed become more relevant to mark. Here is why! Bats are often associated with spreading the diseases, when the truth is – they help in controlling the number of pests. Alike other species and small-to-big elements of the nature, bats are also the important contributors. They play an important role in biodiversity and ecosystem. There is much more that we do not know about these flying mammals, which we would try to highlight below. Such as, do you know that there exist more than 1400 bat species that distinguish them from each other? And they are not blind by the way.

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