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a cartoon by sneh post

Cartoon Punch: My Tiny Cartoon World
(A Daily Single Panel Comic)


Cartoon Punch features comic cartoons that are live wires to pop up some humor through anthropomorphic presentations by me, Sneha. The shared illustrations and puns aim to collect your smiles, laughs and sometimes “Huh?!” by mind-boggling ideas, concepts, and emotions. Here every image incorporates a story which is told by a poem or a fun- article.

Let my tiny cartoon world get space in your world!
Let those humorous cartoon colors dissolve in your life water!
Let us ‘Stay Connected’ through social tag @CartoonPunches or @SnehPost.

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What's Today ,
Today's Cartoon! Thirka De...Beat Pe Booty!Thirka De...Beat Pe Booty!
Quote of the Day!

"Birds don't worry, they sing. Be the one like the birds who believe in the creator and remain hopeful for their needs."

"When people say 'you can't', look into there eyes and say, 'watch me'. If you feel the same after trying hard, repeat it in front of the mirror because there is nothing that 'you' can't! "

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