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Friendship Type Test: Flattery, Misunderstood, Purposeful, Or Loyal?

Two groups of girls and old age grannies relishing their friendship while plucking fruits from a tree in the garden!

6 Inner Freedom Eaters: Unveiling the Bounding Shells

Inner Freedom: Unveiling the Bounding Shells!
Illustration: A happy girl is flying in blue sky with wings of freedom!

Move On Before the Doors Get Closed Forever!

Move on before the doors get closed forever!
Illustration: A boy standing nest to a closed door.

Mornings Are Made to Sing New Beginning Songs!

Mornings Are Made to Sing New Beginning Songs!
Illustration: A bird singing good morning songs and music notes are floating!
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Today's Cartoon! Paper weight cartoonPaper Weight!
Quote of the Day!

"When people say 'you can't', look into there eyes and say, 'watch me'. If you feel the same after trying hard, repeat it in front of the mirror because there is nothing that 'you' can't! "

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