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6 Inner Freedom Eaters: Unveiling the Bounding Shells

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flying girl with inner freedom from the bounding shells
Inner Freedom: Unveiling the Bounding Shells!
Illustration: A happy girl is flying in blue sky with wings of freedom!

Inner Freedom is a state of-

  • Awareness of our presence as God's creation
  • Oneness, expansion, and ultimate joy in God and His creations (be it our surrounding, nature, people, or other living beings around)
  • Realization of our real goal for which we are been sent into this world
  • Being courageous of following that real goal
  • Being unconditioned by the outer circumtances or their opression.

Many a time I wonder how readily and conveniently we learn to shape and resize our freedom as per our surrounding. I don’t know it is the way of our upbringing or the essence of our nature that we are always ready to redefine our freedom as per circumstances. More than that, I wonder why we never find a need of rediscovering our freedom for ourselves, instead of adjusting to the happenings around?!

Sometimes it is good to be adaptable to change, but other times it might change the core of you too. If you change your definition or basics of freedom, don’t forget to ensure the safety of your inner being.

Let’s say peek-a-boo to all seven inner freedom eaters which stop us from being ourselves, being free, being real, and break the bounding shells!

Value System

An Eye-opener

“Freedom lies in following your own value system.”

Until we grow from a kid to a mature person, we keep learning from our family, education environment, and experiences about what is the ideal way of living a life. Simultaneously, we learn to fit in the surrounding. This all builds the foundation of our principles, values, and behavioral tendencies. And gradually we make our own value system in our subconscious mind without knowing or giving any efforts by us or others.

In the above quote where freedom is stated to be in walking with own value system, it doesn’t mean that we are making our own out-of-the-box system as per the convenience. Here we are talking about the value system which we get from our roots.

After this all, if we make changes in that system forcefully because of the circumstances or people, it somewhere starts to bind us in a shell.

“Freedom is how you encounter and confront your limits that are set and circumscribed by your value system.” (-One more in-depth insight)

Our value system designs the nature of our actions because our actions perform in our value system’s circumference. Values limit us to a pre-determined boundary. For an instance, it is required too for keeping us in the discipline. Here important is- who should design this value system; who should decide the rules of this system; who can make amendments in this if needed (as life is so full of surprises that no rule book can guide you completely)?

What to Understand?

A value system is mostly transmitted to us through our family, society, or religion. It gives us a behavioral guideline. It’s good too for taking a start with.

But don’t forget to make amendments if your breath asks for space. If you find any loophole as per your understanding, talk to your family or society. Either they will correct you or you will bring a breeze of change. But what’s important here- ‘a friendly talk’. Communication is the best medium to bridge the gaps between one to another mindset. If nothing works, follow your spiritual vibes. Go to the holy book you believe in. This is the best place to find refuge. And once you get help, make your own way. Let the world think again on your viewpoints and respect your freedom of setting own set of rules for living life.

Forced Dream

“If the seed of a dream was being planted in someone else’s brain or heart’s land, that dream can never blossom at its peak in future if it is supposed to grow inside you.”

A dream of someone else, if cultivated in you, will be like a rose plant. The roses of satisfaction will be plucked and admired by the dreamer but your land will be left with the plant of thorns forever because that plant’s beauty, fragrance, and that pleasant essence were always the belongings of that dreamer. You play just a caretaker.

Your own dream is like an art. It pays you bucks or not, the wealth of satisfaction will go nowhere. It will keep you enriched in your own eyes.

Also, forced dreams take away the opportunities of your art and expression too.

“The expression of an art is the greatest exemplar of freedom.”

What to Realize?

You can make someone happy only if you on your own are happy. Nobody has the right on the stamp of success. You may get it; you may not get it too. What if you spend your years and do not get success after giving your 100% inputs? I can’t even imagine how heavy will be the weight of that when one faces the failure of unfulfilled dream on the cost of his own dream. How depressing such a bounding shell of helplessness would be.

It’s better to believe in your own dream and give that the tries as failure doesn’t seem that bitter in this case. The failure indeed incorporates a satisfactory feeling of at least trying once in life for achieving your own goal.

We all have and indeed should have the freedom of choosing our own dream.

Destiny and Experiences

“Freedom finds its vitality in destiny and destiny finds its significance in freedom.”

Imagine a situation where you are young and want to become a professional dancer. If you have the freedom from your parent’s side of pursuing your passion and your destiny also brings an opportunity, then your freedom (of opting for your passion from your own choice) finds energy and vivacity in destiny. And destiny meets its meaning in that freedom. If you don’t have freedom, the destiny-driven opportunity will die.

What to Appreciate?

Clearly, destiny! Value the opportunity because it doesn’t knock the door again and again. Passions develop when you get some extraordinary feature in yourself. Value your gift, skill or talent, which are like a bird who can’t explore without the wings of freedom.

An Eye-opener

Here comes another point of view. Your freedom is defined as per whatever set of rules or values; it is re-adjusted and re-defined by many happenings on which we don’t have a direct control such as death, illness, etc. Our skills, talents, and gifts are controlled by these uncontrollable circumstances. So the biggest reality and fact about freedom is- it is neither safe nor fixed too. Freedom is always precarious on the existential bottom.

So when the situations are controllable on human capacity’s ground, keep the command of freedom in your own hands. Don’t let anyone else make a bounding shell for no reason but just for the barrier of thought-gaps.


“Your boundaries of freedom determine your dignity and your dignity determines your boundaries of freedom.”

How wide or disciplined our freedom boundaries are, this builds our image among the people who live around us. When you stand in a circle of questions like- Do I have the freedom of hanging out late night; should I give freedom to my cravings of smoking or drinking; would I have freedom to risk my life and become a soldier; can I give freedom to my typing hands to abuse someone on a social networking site? Such questions make a circle around you and it’s up to you whether you want to cross that circle’s circumference or not. And interestingly, when you play this circle game in your mind, it reflects in your actions too and makes the same circle for others too. People see you in that circle of your rules and they also set their freedom boundaries as per your circle’s boundary. This whole invisible game decides the percentage of your dignity.

While living in the same society, the percentage of your dignity determined by you and others stays in same range. But when you will go in other society, this percentage may vary. Maybe in a village, drinking is seen as a bad habit, but in some corporate party, it is a status symbol nowadays; in cold countries, it is the need of the hour and important liquid for survival.

The fact is- there is no standard dignity meter. If someone says our boundaries of freedom decides the percentage of our dignity, then mathematics fails in above examples.

What to Realize?

You cannot always get a good percentage of dignity in every group. While living in the same boundary of freedom, people will give you different percents. You can’t stop them from being judgmental.

Whatever boundaries of freedom you set for different circumstances, never forget to keep your dignity up in God’s and your own eyes. When you and your spirit will be sure that you are following a righteous path, you will find yourself free from worldly bounding shells.


Sometimes, Belong to No Human, No City

“If you want to know yourself, rethink how you would like to live and what would you love to do when nobody belongs to you.” (Neither relatives nor friends nor neighbors nor anyone else to judge you except your almighty.)

Once you will get the reply, you will also get the way in which your freedom will remain intact.

If you want to opt for the right way in confusion or wilderness, get directions from a holy book. It will not only clear the blurriness of your path but also give you peace while walking on those new roads.

Remember Yourself and Forget Yourself at the Same Time

Remember you are the child of God. Forget your worldly identity. Feel fearless in your God’s name and enjoy the freedom.

Recall and remember yourself by revisiting the roots of your nature and the very you. Shake hands with your real inner-self. It will clear your ways where you will be able to breathe with ease and freeness.

It is good to take suggestions from others or guidelines from elders, but never forget that nobody else knows you better than yourself. People make their suggestions as per their own understanding and experiences. They can give you a new side but can’t read your heart and its wish. Only you know where

your heart will find peace. So listen to everyone for letting them share their learning and lessons, but make a decision as per your own satisfaction. It is imperative to save the freedom of your breath.

Pre-determined Identity

Don’t Compromise or Accept the Settlement Just for the Sake of Saving Your Pre-determined Identity

As much as we grow, the freedom of our actions and decisions keeps going into a redefining process.

Now here comes a sad reality to face that most of us feel frightened to face the real ‘ourselves’ in front of the world. When we play the role of a kid in our life, we present ourselves the way we are. As soon as we grow, we begin to see our presence tied into the shells of a system, an image, a character, a role, an identity, and so on.

This shell’s walls throw an echoing command 24/7 “Do this; don’t do that; people will get judgmental if I will behave this way; that beloved one will feel ashamed of me if I’ll perform that way; If I’ll do it, would my parents no longer feel proud of, and so on”. These questions hit the brain continuously, making the shell stronger day-by-day. The number of years of our lives increases, so the number of shells.

We know who and what we are but remain scared of whether people will accept us this way or not; in fact, more than their acceptance, we are afraid of others’ reaction on our changed (though real) side. That unknown probable reaction of our so-called society, beloved ones, and others around us is so terror-producing that the thought only shakes us from the roots.

The pressure of maintaining our predetermined identity (in other’s eyes) is so high that we never dare to take even the first step to be ourselves. Here we behave very sure that people will not adjust to the real us. We not only start to adjust ourselves but also the definition of our freedom.


People don’t have only one job of analyzing us. Everyone is tangled in his/her own shell and worldly webs. When they see a change around in surrounding or people, they just get a thought, give their views, and move ahead; over the time, they settle with a new perception too. Now, this perception is good, neutral, or bad about the change, this depends on their own mindset, principles, conduct, attitude, and adaptability. You or anyone cannot do anything with that. How someone’s thought-process works, it differs person to person. Just like our faces, our behavioral identities are also different. And it is okay; it is normal. There is no need of identical persons; this is how the God has designed people in this world. Yes there are twins too in this world, but they also can’t be necessarily same in every aspect such as intelligence, talent, skills, health conditions, activities, etc.

You are also unique, so if your interest, goals, skills, attribute, appearance, or perceptions don’t match with others, it’s not a problem or something abnormal. You deserve to preserve your own original identity. And if you have not taken a step for that yet, ‘now’ is the time.

The Bottom Line

Break all the bounding shells that hide the real you in layers and revisit yourself for getting your freedom back. Because…

“Freedom lies in being unique, being real, being you!”

And always remember…

“The beauty of a flying bird is not in going high in the sky; it is in flying free as per her wish.”

The same way, the beauty of life is not in going high in other’s eyes; it is in living free as per own rules.

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