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Move On Before the Doors Get Closed Forever!

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Move on quote illustration by Sneha: Move On Before the Doors Get Closed Forever
Move on before the doors get closed forever!
Illustration: A boy standing nest to a closed door.

Life brings many ups and downs in our lives. We deal with every big or small event gracefully and move on because we know today will become history tomorrow.

Move on are two words that seem too heavy sometimes. It gets tough to walk with weighing their heavy weight. In result, we either stop at one place or walk as slowing as if we are still. So the destination waits? Does time wait? Do the arms of clocks stop? No!

There is nothing in this world which will wait or which is eternal. Neither any stuff nor any person, nor any sentiment. Incidents change into memories. Some memories become pleasure and some, regrets. Over the time the regrets become lessons and later experiences. The cycle of time fades every color and sometimes it vanishes too.

In the meantime, many doors of hopes, bright and opportunities open. We just need to move on before the doors get closed forever. Who says second chances don’t exist. They do exist. Who says one can’t pass a dark way? Won’t that dark night will end and the sun rise? Yes, if someone has closed the eyes, both night and morning will be a huge dark for those eyes. But if someone is willing to find the bright and moving patiently with opened, hopeful eyes, is there a power which can stop the sun raises reaching him? Can someone stop him from seeing the bright of morning? No! If you have willed to move on, you will find the ways too.

There are doors of every way. But to walk on is necessary for getting over. We just need to step further to reach or find that door. You will find people saying life is too long and you will find those too, who say life is too short. The time is running for some, and some other say the time has stopped.

Time never runs fast or slow, it walks on the same pace every time. It is us who stop or lead and make perceptions about life as per the on-going events. Remember how is appears when we journey in a train? If our train is just still and another train is running just on next to our track, it appears as if our train is moving.

The same way, some incidents make us precept that life has halted, but the fact is there are the doors waiting in between the journey. Move on before the doors get closed forever!

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