Some Memories Are Made to Fade. Don’t Dye Them Again and Again! Some Memories Are Made to Fade. Don’t Dye Them Again and Again! Skip to main content

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Some Memories Are Made to Fade. Don’t Dye Them Again and Again!

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Quote on memories: Some Memories Are Made to Fade. Don’t Dye Them Again and Again! (A girl drawing a heart on the wall)
Quote: "Some Memories Are Made to Fade. Don’t Dye Them Again and Again!"
Illustration: A girl drawing a heart on the wall.

Quote on Memories: "Some Memories Are Made to Fade. Don’t Dye Them Again and Again!"

We all remain possessive about our close relations and stuff that we use daily, such as our mobiles. Although we know that people will die; we will also die one day; we know that technology will change or may be that mobile will get a technical fault and we will change that. Everything has an age. However deeper is your affection, we will have to leave what we have today. Then what happens in case of memories?

I have seen people holding grudges, envy and anger for years. Sometimes something happens that was not meant to be, but it is okay. Life is all about good and bad, up and downs. There also exist words like exemption, apologizing, accepting sorry, excusing, overcoming, letting go and all is well.

When I see people making their memories a companion, I wonder why and how long?! Yes it is tough, but for their own good, it is worth and indeed necessary to leave a companion who is holding the life to a still point.

Whatever we listen, see and feel, that get stored in form of memories. We keep them safe, locked in our brain and irrigate through our emotions. These memories visit us time-to-time and the impact comes out as anger, sadness, happiness, frustration, etc.

Have you ever thought why we love to click pictures with our friends and family? We click because we love to relive the moment through seeing those images again and again later. They give us bundles of joy and pleasure. It is good too, thanks to science and technology!

But those memories which make us angry, irritated, sad or take us to the dark, is it necessary to keep them alive? Can’t we let go, instead of holding grudges or rage?

Do we dye our jeans after it is faded? No. Then why don’t we let bad or painful memories fade and leave us with the bright? Why don’t we take a new start? When some memories are made to fade, why do we dye them again and again?

Let time win and be stronger than our remembering capacity. Let’s do not color those memories which should go to oblivion.

Through ‘letting go’ let’s unburden ourselves from all those envy, gloomy or miserable memories that cause pain and anger! Some memories are made to fade. let don’t dye them again and again!

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