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Mornings Are Made to Sing New Beginning Songs!

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Quote: Mornings are made to sing new beginning songs! Illustration: A bird singing songs leaving floating music notes!
Mornings Are Made to Sing New Beginning Songs!
Illustration: A bird singing good morning songs and music notes are floating!

Sooner or later we all face situations which stuck our lives to a point from where moving on seem next to impossible. The betrayal of friends, failures in exams, unfulfilled job targets and avoidance of your feelings from your beloved ones are some situations that we all deal with every now and then. When we go through such an emotional catastrophe, it scatters us into pieces. Gathering yourself and arranging well in this life becomes a deal of months, and sometimes of years. It is perhaps not wrong if someone says it a layered stage of depression.

The fact is no human belongs to depression. We all deserve peace, pleasures, happiness, laughs and positivity. We all need a flow in life where we can keep moving. We are worth of seeing dark of nights only. The dark not at all belongs to our inside.

Every day the nature gives a message through its cycle of 24 hours. It offers mornings after 8 to 9 hours of dark. The mornings are made to sing new beginning songs forgetting all the reasons that drag you backwards.

They say that the show must go on because the life doesn’t stop and time doesn’t halt. Then why we can’t step ahead leaving all the bitterness behind. Why we make our lives a stagnant pool which sees no flow or movement?

We often remember our almighty and ask “Why me?!” Sometimes we blame our God too that why he has written so much drama in our lives. Where the fact is, those downs come in life to arrange goods for our future. The God never wants his children to moan. He has bestowed is with hope, faith, care, harmony, love and bright of mornings.

Let’s do not moan thinking we will do this or that after taking a rebirth. Let’s instead decide that we will restart the life every next morning singing the new beginning songs. Stop shedding tears, leave regrets behind, drop the weight of heavy feelings and enjoy the new start every morning because mornings are made to hum new beginning songs.

And soon you will feel that all your days have a good morning!

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