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Don’t Drop Hopes, Drop Fears!

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Don’t Drop Hopes, Drop Fears! (Quote illustration of a cute girl sitting on rock in night by Sneha)
Don’t Drop Hopes, Drop Fears!
Illustration: A cute girl sitting on a rock gazing at moon in night!

Hopes and fears are two words that coexist with every human in different amounts. Where hopes boost positivity and optimistic approach, fears mount the level of insecurities. And amazingly, they both play rivals to each other. If you are hopeful enough, fears and insecurities stand far from you; if you have fears rooted inside, then insecurities will win over hopes.

What if I say fears have no legs and a thing called fear doesn’t even exist. Yes! Fears have no existence. They are created by us only. It is as similar as the fear of ghosts.

Our insecurities make us think too much and keep us on a ride of finding answers all the time. But a ride is worth only if you are supposed to reach any destination. Some tensions have no base.

This all appears philosophical and this philosophy might work if there exists a way to get control of our fears. Is there any way, really?

What Is the Solution? How to Get Rid of Baseless Thoughts that Boost Fears?

Some take tensions about future; some worry about revealing of their past. And this past and future insecurities ruin their present. The thoughts such as, what if I will fail in this exam, where I will be after five years, will my carrier pick up some speed after this project, what will happen if my ex will come in front of my wife, will my children support me in my old age, and the thoughts go on. The flying machine of these fearful thoughts keep swinging in head distracting the focus on what is supposed to be done today, right now.

Now the question arises, how to clean your brain from this unwanted web? Let’s know a practice to apply as solution!

You must have heard a saying, “Diamond cuts diamond”. You have to apply the same strategy. ‘Think’, for getting rid of your thoughts. For example, many people do not go to washroom alone in nights. They need someone to escort. They do it because of don’t know what. Sit, relax, take a sigh and think deeper. Is it a fear of some thief? Or are you afraid of a ghost? Do you think someone will kidnap you in the dark of night?

First of all find the reason why you fear? Once you get the reason, think about the consequences.

If it is a fear of thief, can’t that thief come in afternoon? Can’t someone kidnap you when you are walking on street? If you are afraid of a ghost because you think it has some supernatural powers which can cause you some harm, can’t those powers harm you while you are sleeping as they are too powerful? It is regardless where you are and what is the time.

Now start digging for the consequences. What worst can happen. Think step by step. In such fears, we just think “A thief will come!” … “A thief will come!” Think beyond! Think he has come. What next? Face that fearful situation. If it is an attacking situation, you can fight. If he steals your money and jewelery, you can earn that back. Whatever bad might happen, your fears can not change the consequences. Then why so much attention to what is not real. Let that day come. Have a spirit of facing, not fearing. Be strong and courageous from inside. Be firm! Have confidence in yourself.

If you fear of dyeing because of a ghost; first, realize the reality that we all have to die one day which cause and time is decided by the God only. Second, have faith in that God who is the creator. Creating us was also in his hand and destroying us too. So the fear of any person or ghost must not bother you at all because your thread is in God’s hand.

Don’t Drop Hopes, Drop Fears!

Have faith in the creator. If God has sent us to this world, he himself is the protector too. And even if something bad will happen, there will be a bright morning hidden in that dark. So don’t drop hopes and faith. Drop fears and insecurities. Live strong, bold and brave in the name of your creator!

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